The Punisher arcade game

The Punisher

is an arcade game released by Capcom in 1993 with the Marvel comic anti-hero stars The Punisher, and co-star Nick Fury as the character of the second player. It is a beat ’em up where Punisher and Fury have the mission of thwarting the crimes of Lord Kingpin, with the participation of several enemies and final bosses fighting them hand in hand. The slogan of the game is: “If you are guilty, you are dead.” This was the last game Yōko Shimomura worked for Capcom before leaving for Squaresoft.

The beat’em up game style follows the same formula established by Capcom in Final Fight. As the Capcom Cadillacs and Dinosaurs game did before, there is a distinctive feature of this game that is the frequent use of several firearms (Ingram MAC-10, M16 rifle, flamethrower) along with other more traditional weapons (such as bats of baseball, hammers, knives, katanas, and shuriken), and also makeshift weapons (such as pipes, fire extinguishers). There are also several parts of the game in which the characters automatically draw their guns to shoot at their enemies. Some background elements can be destroyed, and sometimes contain extra rewards.

Unlike Final Fight and many other beat’em up games of the time, with different characters depending on size and speed. The size, skills, and tactics of Punisher and Nick Fury’s are essentially the same; both use the same basic punch, throw, and wrestling keys. There are several level-end bosses, who are known villains of Marvel comics such as a Bone breaker, Bushwhacker, Jigsaw, and finally Kingpin. Bruno Costa and his band also appear in the game as habitual enemies of the game; Other types of enemies to defeat are street gangs, gangsters, cyborgs, martial arts fighters and kunoichi killers.

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